Additional Information and FAQ’s

Excursion (Sunday, 16.15-19.30)

Kloster Andechs or Buchheim Museum – choose between two distinct tours:

(1)  Kloster Andechs (the “baroque tour”). Bus tour to the “Heiliger Berg” (i.e., sacred mountain) at the Ammersee (the interim destination is the Marienmünster in Dießen). Upon there is Kloster Andechs, a millennium-old Benedictine monastery and gothic church (including rococo and baroque artworks as well). In addition, there is a beer garden (the monk-brewed beer is considered as one of the German finest) and great view of the lake and its surrounding.

(2)  Buchheim Museum (the “modern tour”). Bus tour to Buchheim Museum (located at the lake Starnberg), containing the collections of Lothar-Günther Buchheim – a German painter, photographer, publisher, author of art books, and novels. Buchheim’s collection encompasses an extraordinarily wide spectrum of outstanding Expressionist art. Note that there will be a guided tour at the museum.

Note that the bus tours will start at 16.15 in front of the entrance area of the venue. Further, each bus has a limited capacity of 30-40 seats. Particularly the guided tour at Buchheim Museum is limited to some 30 participants.

As alternative, you may march (approx. 30-40’) to the famous „Alte Villa” – a traditional Bavarian beer garden, which is located directly at the Ammersee. There is a trail /street starting directly at the venue (close to the railway) into the direction of the town of Utting / Alte Villa. You may also join the various (sporting) facilities of the venue.

Overseas participants who would like to arrive a day earlier
In order to accommodate all 25 presentations, we need to make a start on Friday morning (20th July, 2012; 10 am) to fit everyone in (see Program). This would mean that at least overseas participants would need to arrive in Munich on Thursday, 19th July. Accommodation for the night 19th-20th July will be arranged, most likely also at the conference venue.
Importantly, please inform us as soon as possible whether you would like us to arrange accommodation for the night 19th-20th July. (For invited speakers, we will attempt to cover the accommodation expenses for this extra night.)

Check in at venue (Friday, 14.00-15.00)
Check in at this “late” time is a requirement due to BVS organizational reasons. However, we are provided with an extra seminar room (which is also lockable), within which you could deposit your baggage when you arrive at the venue.

Check out at venue (Monday, 08.30-09.30)
Check out at this “early” time is unavoidable, again due to BVS organizational reasons. Please deposit your baggage in the extra seminar room for the remainder of the meeting.

Participants that would like to bring their spouse/partner (family) along
We assume as a default that you require a single room. If you are accompanied by your spouse/partner and require a double room, please inform us accordingly. The additional charge for a double room is approx. 25 Euro per night, plus 35 Euro per day for full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Please note that we are unable to cover these additional expenses.

Attendance by non-invited participants
Given the already large number of participants, no further registrations to VSSA III can be made due to space constraints imposed by the conference venue and in order to preserve the ‘symposium’ character of the meeting.

Presentation guidelines
Presentations should be in PowerPoint format. A computer, Mac, and beamer will be provided. Please make sure to copy your presentation to the hard drive of the computer (Mac) in the conference room before your session begins. Of course, you could also use your own computer/Mac.
If you are not using PowerPoint for your presentation, please let us know in advance what presentation software you will require.

Help Desk
Help is available permanently during the symposium. If you require help, please get in touch with one of the organizers or the conference office (see Team).

Internet/email at symposium venue
WLAN is available at the entire venue (i.e., in all seminar / guest rooms). You will be provided with the access data for using the network when you check in and register at the school’s entrance desk.

Key-card to conference venue
While you check in at the venue, you may acquire a key-card enabling evening/night access to the conference building (main entrance door). Key-cards will be available at the venue’s registration desk (right hand side); there is a deposit of Euro 5 for the card, which will be refunded when you check out.