The symposium will be held at the scenic lakeside location of the Bavarian School of Administration at Holzhausen/Ammersee. The school has its own 40000 sqm beautiful parkway (in addition to football, tennis, & basketball fields); it is located directly at the lake Ammersee (i.e., you may have a bath in the morning/evening). Further it offers its own restaurant, 12 technically well-equipped seminar rooms, and more than 130 guest rooms. In short: It is the ideal place for holding a symposium.
The address is:

Bayerische Verwaltungsschule
Aus- und Fortbildungsstätte
Holzhausen am Ammersee
Seeholzstrasse 1-3
86919 Utting am Ammersee

Telephone: 49 – 8806 – 22107 (the contact person is Ms. Sabine Kusch).

Seeholzstraße 3 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Traveling information

Traveling by plane & train

If you travel by plane, you will arrive at Munich Airport from where you have a direct S-Bahn connection to Herrsching.

At the airport, follow the green “S-Bahn” signs (green circle with a white S). Before you enter the S-Bahn platform, please buy a ticket (i.e., the relevant ticket is “Tageskarte Gesamtnetz”; price: 13 Euro) – you can do this directly opposite to the S-Bahn platform entrance. Importantly, also stamp your ticket! From the airport please take S-Bahn No. 8, which goes directly, over Marienplatz (the very heart of Munich) and Munich Central Railway Station, to Herrsching (the terminus). This means that participants arriving by train could enter S-Bahn No. 8 at Munich Railway Station. Click here for a printable map of the Munich S-Bahn. Note that the transfer from the airport (north of Munich) to Herrsching (southwest of Munich) will take about 1 1/2 hours.

In Herrsching, we will set up a meeting point, from where we will take you to Holzhausen. In addition, Holzhausen can also be reached on a (converted) steamboat, though boat transfer will be impossible on Friday morning (July 13th, 2018), since the first boat goes only at 10.45 am (the meeting will start already at 10.00 am, see Program). However, a boat tour might be an option for returning to Herrsching (Munich airport) on the day of departure. Click here for a printable schedule of the Ammersee Boat Company. Boat tickets are available directly on the boat.

Munich participants may also use the train (“Deutsche Bahn”): There is a train connection from Munich Central Railway Station to the town of Utting (the transfer is about 50 minutes; the distance between Utting and the venue is only 2 kilometers – you can walk directly at the lake).

Traveling by car

Take the A 96 Motorway to “Lindau”
Leave the motorway at the Exit “Greifenberg”
Head for the Ammersee, go first through the town of “Schondorf”, second through the town of Utting
At Utting, follow the traffic signs to the town Dießen
Leave Utting behind you and after some 2 kilometers turn left to Holzhausen
Follow the signs to the Bayerische Verwaltungsschule